Consolidated Volunteer Firefighters’ Pension Committee


The Consolidated Volunteer Firefighters’ Pension Committee shall be vested with the general administration, management, and responsibility for the proper operation of the volunteer firefighters’ pension system. The committee shall have such powers and duties as are prescribed by state statutes. The volunteer firefighters’ pension system shall be the Consolidated Firemen’s Pension Fund of Loveland and Rural District and the general composition of the board of trustees shall be determined by mutual agreement of the city and the Loveland Rural Fire Protection District.

Meeting Location

Fire Station 1
Administation Conference Room
410 E. 5th Street
Loveland, CO 80537
Meeting Time: 1:30pm


2020 Meeting Calendar

February 19 – Canceled May 20 August 19 November 11


Committee Members

Chris Sandoli, Chair, LFRA Board appointed
Mike Alexander, Secretary, LFRA appointed through 8/30/21
Everette Roberts, LFRA appointed through 8/30/20
Bob Starman, LFRA appointed through 8/30/20
Leroy Anderson, LRFPD Board appointed
Melissa Pack, LFRA appointed through 8/30/20
Mick Leighton, LFRPD Board Appointed

Staff Support

Mark Miller, Fire Chief, (970) 962-2827,
Kristen Cummings, Board Secretary, (970) 962-2536,