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The LFRA and the Insurance Service Office (ISO) has updated the Public Protection Classifications (PPC) as a result of the completion and staffing of LFRA Fire Station #7. The new classifications went into effect March 1, 2021. 


Established in 1971, the Insurance Services Office (ISO) is the primary source of fire-related insurance risk to municipalities. ISO evaluators visit and evaluate municipal fire service organizations approximately once every five (5) to ten (10) years. ISO performs a comprehensive analysis of the complete fire protection system for the municipality, including the dispatch center, water supply infrastructure, and all aspects of fire service organization and operations. LFRA was evaluated in January 2015 and received an updated public protection classification (PPC) rating from ISO in April 2016. 

In large part, this improved rating is due to the outstanding services of the Loveland Emergency Communications Center (dispatch) as well as the Loveland Water and Power Department, and other regional water distribution systems, and significant improvements in LFRA operations, equipment, resources, and station locations. This is a comprehensive evaluation and this rating would not have been possible if not for the extraordinary services of our City Departments and neighboring partners.

What does this mean to you?

Depending on the rating criteria outlined below, this could have a positive impact on lowering the premium you pay for home owners insurance on your home or business. Because insurance companies vary in the ways they apply ISO ratings, property owners should contact their insurance providers to learn if premium reductions are available.

Current ISO Ratings

  • LFRA FPSA (Fire Protection Service Area): PPC rating of Class 2 – This rating applies to all structures within five (5) road miles of an LFRA fire station AND within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • LFRA FDS (Fire Department Supply): PPC rating of Class 3– This rating applies to all structures within five (5) road miles of an LFRA fire station and are NOT within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant. This is the area to which LFRA must bring its own water supply, via water tender shuttle operations.
  • PPC rating of Class 10 – Any area that is more than five (5) road miles of an LFRA fire station.

(Previous ISO ratings were 4, 6, and 10 respectively)

Please Note:  The Insurance Service Organization (ISO) Ratings provided to the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority are based on comprehensive analysis of the LFRA including station locations, staffing, apparatus and equipment, firefighting procedures and training and water supply systems.  We share data from that comprehensive analysis in the form of GIS mapping information that indicates ISO Public Protective Classification (PPC) ratings.  PPC ratings are also determined by road miles from the nearest staffed or volunteer fire station within a jurisdiction, and proximity to water supply hydrants.  These ratings are used to determine insurance costs to property owners. 

We encourage property owners to share information provided on our LFRA website with insurance providers or underwriters.  The ISO encourages insurance providers or underwriters to contact them at 1(800) 444-4554, Option #2 for more detailed information and any clarifying information related to a specific property and a Public Protection Classification. LFRA can not certify the ISO rating for your property, only the ISO can do that. We provide this page only to be used as a guide.

Interactive ISO Ratings Map

Click here to view an interactive map of the ISO ratings for the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority.

The map should open in a separate window, but it may take several seconds to load.  You can then click on the “I Want To” button to utilize the various interactive functions to explore the map and change layers.  To search for a specific address to see where it is within the map, scroll down the left sidebar and click on the “Search Address” button.  A color-coded key lists the various ISO ratings for the various areas of the map is also located in the left sidebar.

Additionally, you can utilize mapping Web sites, such as Google Maps, to determine the approximate road miles distance between a specific address and the nearest fire station.  For the addresses of all of our fire stations, click here to go the the Fire Stations page.

Standards of Cover

If you have any questions about what type of fire response there would be for your residence or business, please download and refer to our Standards of Cover document, beginning on page 134.

ISO Ratings Map

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