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Insurance Plan: Colorado Employers Benefit Trust (CEBT)
Network of doctors: United Healthcare
Claims processing: UMR

For assistance please call: 1-800-332-1168

Employee Health & Wellness Centers

Northern Colorado Locations:

2889 N. Garfield Ave
Loveland, CO 80535

4675 W. 20th Street Road, Unit B
Greeley, CO 80634




Healthcare Bluebook



An added benefit for those enrolled in CEBT medical benefits, Teladoc gives 24/7/365 access to U.S. board-certified doctors and pediatricians. Set up the Teladoc app or enroll online so it’s ready when you need it. Click here for more information.

For immediate assistance please call: 1-855-477-4549


ID Card: CVS Caremark (separate from medical/dental insurance card)

Tobacco Cessation Coverage: Click here for more information.

For assistance please call: 1-800-332-1168


Insurance Plan: Colorado Employers Benefit Trust (CEBT)
Network of Doctors: Delta Dental
Claims processing: Delta Dental
ID Card: Delta Dental

For assistance, please call: 1-800-332-1168


Insurance plan: Colorado Employers Benefit Trust (CEBT)
Network of doctors: Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Claims processing: UMR
ID Card: No ID Card; Providers will verify coverage via social security number.

For assistance, please call: 1-800-332-1168


LFRA partners with you to plan for a secure and comfortable retirement.  No matter your age or stage of your career, it is never too late to begin saving—or saving more—for retirement.  

Voluntary Retirement Plan

  • LFRA offers a defined contribution 457 plan with ICMA-RC that lets you contribute on a pre-tax and/or Roth basis, through convenient payroll contributions. The most you can contribute to your combined 457 accounts in 2019 is $19,500 or, if you are age 50 or over, an additional $6,500 (annual total of $26,000). This IRS limit applies to your combined contributions, pre-tax and Roth. Eligibility begins on your date of hire.
    • You are eligible on your date of hire.
    • You have a wide range of funds to choose from for investing your savings.
    • You are always 100% entitled to the value of your own contributions.
  • Non-Sworn New Hires
    • You will be automatically enrolled to contribute 2% of pay on a pre-tax basis if you do not make a contribution election. You can opt out or change this automatic election at any time.
  • Sworn Personnel
    • LFRA will match your pre-tax and Roth savings combined to a maximum of 5% of eligible pay.
    • You also have the option to contribute to a FPPA 457 (with no LFRA match)

Mandatory Retirement Plans

  • Sworn Personnel
    • You are automatically enrolled in the mandatory 401(a) consisting of 10% employee contribution and 10% LFRA match
  • Non-Sworn Personnel
    • Non-Sworn personnel are enrolled in the mandatory 410(a) consisting of the following contribution schedule
Years of Service Employee Contribution LFRA Contribution
0-7 years 3% 5%
8-10 years 3% 6%
11-15 years 3% 7%
16-20 years 3% 8%
21+ years 3% 9%



Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family Medical Leave Act provides job protection if you are qualified for specific family, medical or military occurrences. FML runs concurrently with Short-Term Disability, Workers’ Compensation or Long-Term Disability offering unpaid job protection for a maximum of 12 weeks. All leave requests must be made by contacting Human Resources via email (LFRAHumanResources@LFRA.org) or 970-962-2825. Employees are required to utilize applicable accruals in order to receive pay; LFRA will process pay and benefits through the regular payroll process.

Disability Insurance

Group Disability Income Insurance provides employees with benefits to replace part of their paycheck when they can’t work because of a sickness or injury. When a claim is approved, either a weekly benefit (Short-Term Disability) or monthly benefit (Long-Term Disability) will be received.

Short-Term Disability

Long-Term Disability

Getting married. Becoming a parent. These and other life events may affect your employee benefits, so it’s important to know when to take action.

Examples of Qualified Life Status Changes:

  • Change in legal marital status: Marriage, death of spouse, divorce or annulment
  • Change in the number of dependents: Birth, adoption, placement for adoption, legal guardianship or death of a dependent
  • Change in dependent status: A dependent losing coverage under another plan, such as a spouse/partner losing coverage from his/her employer
  • Change in employment status: Job promotions and/or transfers that change the benefits offerings
  • Military service: A spouse or eligible dependent being called to military duty in the U.S. Armed Forces

While the benefits elections made during Open Enrollment each fall, or as a new hire, generally remain in effect until the end of the plan year, employees may make limited changes to benefits outside of Open Enrollment within 30 days of a Qualified Life Status Change.

  • Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance: Change forms and supporting documentation must be submitted within 30 days of Qualified Life Status Change to LFRAHumanResources@LFRA.org.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: Account enrollment forms must be submitted within 30 days of the Qualified Life Status Change to LFRAHumanResources@LFRA.org.

Other considerations that may be changed anytime include:

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