Where a hydrant water-flow test is used for the purposes of fire-sprinkler system design, the test must be conducted no more than 12 months prior to working plan submittal, unless otherwise approved by the authority having jurisdiction (NFPA 13, 2019 edition).

LFRA is served by five water districts. To schedule hydrant flow testing, contact the water district that serves the property. Approved documentation of the test shall be provided to LFRA prior to final approval of the water supply system.

City of Loveland Water: (970) 962-3000

(Click here for City of Loveland Hydrant Flow Report Request Form)
Town of Johnstown Utilities: (970) 587-4664
Little Thompson Water District: (970) 532-2096
Fort Collins-Loveland Water District: (970) 226-3104
North Carter Lake Water District: (970) 776-8212