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If I am in Loveland Rural Fire Protection District, where can I find information that pertains to me? 2018-02-01T11:42:42+00:00

The Loveland Fire Rescue Authority encompasses the Loveland Rural Fire Protection District, so any information, resources, and procedures found on this Web site, apply to the residents and businesses of the Rural District, also.

Does my business qualify for the fire sprinkler tax incentive? 2018-01-18T13:18:01+00:00

The recently passed US tax legislation includes an important incentive to significantly improve the life safety in existing buildings – both commercial and residential. Included in the legislation are two provisions to incentivize the retrofitting of fire sprinklers in buildings.

Cost Recover Section 13201 allows fire sprinklers to be fully expensed. That means the property owner can immediately write off the full cost of the sprinklers system; this is in both commercial and residential buildings. Small Business Section 179 Expensing adds fire protection as an eligible expenditure to the tax code. Previously, qualified small businesses were allowed to fully expense purchases such as computers and other equipment up to an annual cap of $500,000; the cap was increase to $1 million annual deduction and includes the fire protection. This is for commercial buildings only.

Spearheading the fire-sprinkler initiative was Jim Langevin, who represents the district where The Station nightclub occurred in 2003 in West Warwick, RI. The fire, caused by pyrotechnics that ignited unapproved sound insulation on the ceiling and walls, killed 100 people and injured 230. Fire experts agree that most, if not all, of the deaths could have been prevented if the building had been equipped with a fire-sprinkler system.

More information is available from your Congressional representative, licensed fire sprinkler contractors, and the National Fire Sprinkler Association website. You may also contact the LFRA Community Safety Division.

Can LFRA do a radon test at my property? 2017-12-20T15:29:05+00:00

LFRA does not provide radon testing, and does not have tests to distribute to the public. Discounted radon tests can be obtained from Colorado’s Department of Public Health & Environment. Radon tests are also available at hardware and retail department stores. Consumer Reports gives advice about selecting radon kits, as well.

How can I best maintain landscaping around a fire hydrant? 2017-12-09T13:46:00+00:00

Landscape Care Around Fire Hydrants Graphic

I have electronic documents to submit for a building and/or fire protection system permit. What email can I use to submit these documents? 2017-12-09T12:30:58+00:00

Documents and plans can be submitted to .

What are “Conditions of Approval”? 2017-11-13T10:02:29+00:00

When Planning and Building drawings are reviewed, LFRA issues comments and corrections based on requirements from the International Fire Code. These are called Conditions of Approval and it is an industry standard. It means, “We approve this project for a permit, provided these conditions are met.” Examples of Conditions could be that all doors other than the main entrance are required to have panic hardware and all doors must swing outward. These Conditions are like a map that provides direction to the general contractor, in order to make sure the building is built to IFC, NFPA, and IBC  requirements. LFRA issues the Conditions of Approval along with the building permit and any redlined drawings. It is imperative that the general contractor read and comply with all Conditions of Approval and any redlined comments on the drawings. By meeting all the Conditions, the contractor will be prepared for LFRA’s inspections.

How do I contact the appropriate Building Division in the LFRA jurisdiction? 2017-11-12T06:52:36+00:00
  • City of Loveland Building Division: (970) 962-2346


  • Larimer County Building Department: (970) 498-7700


  • Town of Johnstown Building Department: (970) 587-4664

How do I obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Completion? 2017-11-12T06:51:49+00:00

These documents are available from the applicable Building Division once the permit has received all final inspections and all Conditions of Approval have been met. The contractor or owner can bring the permit card to building officials with all required engineered letters to have a staff member verify completion. Once all inspections are approved and conditions are met a Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Completion can be issued at your request.

How do I schedule a construction inspection for my LFRA permit? 2017-11-12T06:50:49+00:00

Call (970) 962-2537 at least 48 hours in advance of when you want the inspection. Make sure you’ve met all permit Conditions of Approval (written requirements for design and construction) and look at any redlined drawings, prior to scheduling the inspection.

May I get an estimate of my permit fees before I pick up my permit? 2018-02-14T09:45:37+00:00

Click here to download the LFRA Fee Estimator Worksheet, or call the Community Safety Division at (970) 962-2537 for an estimate.

Please note that these are estimates only and not cost quotes, as the project valuation can change, fee schedules may change, etc. It is the responsibility of the applicant or contractor to confirm the actual permit fees with CSD, if desired, prior to payment and issuance of permit.

Will my proposed building need fire sprinklers or a fire alarm system? 2017-11-12T06:48:24+00:00

There are numerous variables that come into play when determining if a building needs fire sprinklers or a fire alarm, or other fire protection systems. Some of these variables are size of building, occupancy group, occupancy use, type of construction, available fire flow and emergency vehicle access to the building. Your design professional will complete a Code Analysis based on requirements from the International Fire Code and International Building Code. This Code Analysis, typically completed during the Planning and Building permit processes, provides the information necessary to determine what fire-protection systems, if any, are required by the IFC.

How do I contact the Planning Department where my property is located? 2017-11-12T06:47:36+00:00
  • City of Loveland Planning Department: (970) 962-2523


  • Larimer County Planning Department: (970) 498-7679


  • Town of Johnstown Planning and Zoning: (970) 587-4664

Do I need anything besides a building permit for my construction project? 2017-11-12T06:46:24+00:00

Most of the time, yes. If you’re thinking about moving your business into an existing building or constructing a new building, your first step is to contact the appropriate Planning and Zoning department to see if the property is zoned for your use. You may be required to obtain Planning approval prior to getting your building permit. You also might need a liquor license, utility service, sign permit, sales tax license or other approvals.

I’m a professional designer looking for design information for my project development. How can I access LFRA’s development standards from the IFC? 2017-12-09T12:53:25+00:00

LFRA’s Development Review Guide provides basic information about emergency vehicle access, firefighting water supply and property addressing. The DRG can be downloaded from out Getting Started page.

Do I need a permit to make construction changes to my building? 2017-11-12T06:43:21+00:00

The International Building Code specifies that building permits are required to “construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system” regulated by the IBC (2012 IBC, Section 105.1). If you have questions, call the appropriate Building Division.

What edition of the International Fire Code is LFRA currently enforcing? 2017-11-12T06:41:50+00:00

LFRA is currently enforcing the 2012 IFC and locally adopted amendments.

What is a Fire Code? 2017-11-12T06:40:54+00:00

It is an International Fire Code that is adopted and enforced all over the world to ensure that structures in which we live, work and play meet recognized minimum standards for protection against fire, explosion or dangerous conditions in new and existing buildings, structures and premises, and to provide safety for firefighters and other emergency responders.

How do I report a fire code violation? 2017-11-04T19:18:14+00:00

To report a fire code violation, contact our Fire Marshal, Division Chief Ned Sparks, at (970) 962-2488 or

What is a Knox-Box? 2017-10-31T11:26:21+00:00

A Knox-Box is a specially designed key-storage box or vault that is used to gain access to many of the commercial occupancies within our fire district. All Knox-Boxes in our fire district are keyed to a unique key design made specifically for LFRA by the Knox Corporation. Keys to access the Knox-Boxes in Loveland are electronically secured and monitored. Most fire agencies in the United Stated utilize Knox-Boxes.

Does my business require a Knox-Box? 2017-10-31T11:26:39+00:00

The adopted Fire Code in LFRA’s jurisdiction requires Knox-boxes on all commercial occupancy structures which have a monitored fire alarm and/or fire sprinkler system. Click to download information on ordering a Knox Box.

What fireworks are legal or illegal in Loveland? 2017-10-31T11:17:37+00:00

The City of Loveland and the State of Colorado have restrictions on the types of fireworks that are considered to be legal. There are also laws in place that regulate the use of legal fireworks. These laws can vary from one jurisdiction to another, so be sure to check with your local law enforcement or other applicable city or county government agencies. Permissible (legal) fireworks include items such as sparklers, fountains, smoke balls, items with crackle and strobe effects, wheels and spinners, and various novelty items. These types of fireworks are allowed to be sold (with permit only) and used within the Loveland city limits and within unincorporated Larimer County, however, there are age restrictions to consider. Fireworks are not to be possessed or used by children under the age of 16 without direct adult supervision. 

Non-permissible (illegal) fireworks are those which explode and/or leave the ground, such as firecrackers, bottle rockets, Roman Candles, aerials, missiles, and other similar items. These items are not permissible for either sale or use within the State of Colorado, with the exception of commercial-grade pyrotechnics used by licensed and permitted pyrotechnics technicians for public and private displays. Permits for these displays must be obtained from the applicable local government agencies. 

Who should I report illegal firework usage to? 2017-10-31T11:15:05+00:00

The City of Loveland has established a hotline for citizens to call for information related to the City’s 4th of July Festival and fireworks show, as well as information about how to report the use of illegal fireworks.  The hotline number is (970) 962-2110.

Can I have a recreational fire in a fire pit or chiminea in my backyard? Do I need a permit? 2017-10-31T11:06:43+00:00

A permit is not required to have a recreational fire as long as wood-burning appliances include a screen or spark arrestor design feature, and do not exceed three feet in diameter. The appliance cannot be within 15 feet of a combustible object, including a house or fence. Only burning clean, dry wood is allowed, and a non-impaired, responsible adult shall monitor the burning until the fire is extinguished, and shall provide means for rapid extinguisher such as water, a portable fire extinguisher, or a shovel and dirt. Burning is not allowed with burn restrictions have been enacted by the Larimer County Commissioners. For a complete list of regulations, click here.

Are bonfires legal? 2017-10-31T10:55:06+00:00

Bonfires are prohibited without a valid permit. A permit is issued by LFRA for 1-3 hours, and the permit must be applied for at least 48 hours in advance. Permit fee is a minimum of $350. For more information about a bonfire permit, please download the regulations, or call 970-962-2497.

Why do I need a “Burn Permit” and how do I get one? 2017-12-10T09:51:38+00:00

Burn permits ensure the use of open burning is done legally and in a coordinated manner with the Fire Departments. Most open burning in Larimer County requires a permit and can be obtained through the Larimer County Website. Every burn permit requires calling dispatch centers so that fire engines will not be dispatched unnecessarily to investigate the smoke produced from the burn. Click to download more information about Burn Permits or Open Burning Regulations.

Who dispatches Loveland firefighters? 2017-10-31T10:49:48+00:00

LFRA is dispatched by the Loveland Emergency Communications Center, located in the Loveland Police Department at 810 E. 10th Street, Loveland, CO  80537.

Does LFRA accept donations? How are they used? 2017-10-30T13:30:43+00:00

Although we do not solicit donations to LFRA, many people or organizations have felt compelled to give graciously as a way of saying “thanks”, and we accept those donations with gratitude. If you have a specific intention for the donation, please indicate so. Otherwise, we  use the donations for various purposes, such as the purchase and support of fire and life safety equipment, and education materials which are distributed at no cost to members of our community.  We have used donations to purchase smoke alarm batteries and carbon monoxide and smoke alarms to distribute to low-income families. Larger donations left through wills and estates have allowed us to purchase valuable rescue equipment and firefighter safety equipment that was otherwise not budgeted. For more information on how to donate, please see our Donations page.

Does LFRA allow citizens to ride-along with the firefighters? 2017-12-09T20:57:57+00:00

The Loveland Fire Rescue Authority offers a Ride-Along Program to encourage community awareness of the department’s operations as well as allied professional cooperation and networking.  If you are wishing to participate in the ride-along program, please click here to submit a request form. You also must complete the required application and release forms.  Please click here to download the application and release form.

Can I visit a fire station? 2017-12-09T20:55:55+00:00

Fire station tours can be arranged for any of our station locations. For children under the age of 10, we ask that there be one adult chaperone per four children.  To schedule a fire station tour, please click here to submit a request form, or call (970) 962-2537.  Please note, a minimum of two weeks advanced notice is requested for scheduling fire station tours.

Do you sell or trade LFRA patches? 2017-10-29T10:11:44+00:00

We do not sell our patches. However, if you would like to trade patches, mail your patch to Loveland Fire Rescue Authority, 410 E. 5th Street, Loveland, CO  80537, and include your return address, and we will send you a patch in return.

Where is the closest fire station to me? 2017-10-29T10:09:11+00:00

For a list of our fire stations and their address, click here. To download a map of fire station locations, click here.

What is the ISO Rating of my address? 2017-10-29T10:02:30+00:00

To learn what your ISO rating is, visit the ISO Rating page.

Can someone help me change my smoke alarm batteries? 2017-10-29T10:00:15+00:00

If your smoke alarm is “chirping”, and you aren’t comfortable climbing a ladder, we would be happy to help. Call our non-emergency dispatch line at (970) 667-2151 to request assistance.  We will send a crew to your home to assist at no charge.  

Is it possible to reserve the community room at the fire station? 2017-12-09T20:54:32+00:00

Fire Station 2 and Fire Station 6 has a community meeting room (20 seats) available for non-profit organizations by appointment only.  Two weeks minimum advanced notice is required for submitting your reservation request.  Before submitting your request click here to review the Community Room Use Rules.  After reviewing the Rules, click here to submit your request.

How can I get an overview of LFRA? 2017-10-29T09:51:26+00:00

Visit the About Us page for an overview, including our Annual Report and Strategic Plan.

How do I apply for a job? 2017-10-29T09:48:54+00:00

For more information about applying for a job, please visit our Careers page.

What do I do with my pets in an emergency? 2017-10-29T09:46:29+00:00

For planning and resources, click here.

Where do I go when I have to evacuate for an emergency? 2017-10-29T09:32:31+00:00

During an emergency that requires an evacuation, there may be one or more emergency shelters ready to receive you. To obtain information on which shelter is open, click here.

To view shelter maps, click here.

How can I protect my house from wildland fire? 2017-10-29T09:24:27+00:00

For wildfire preparedness information, click here.

How do I prepare for an emergency? 2017-10-29T09:21:33+00:00

If you are a citizen, click here.

If you are a business, click here.

Businesses may request assistance with emergency planning by calling 970-962-2614.

How do I safely surrender a baby? 2017-10-29T09:22:01+00:00

The Colorado Safe Haven law, passed in 2000, defines the emergency possession of certain abandoned children. The National Safe Haven Alliance states, “You can leave your baby, up to 3 days old, with a hospital worker at any hospital, or with a firefighter at any fire station in Colorado.”

To read the Colorado Safe Haven Law, click here.

How do I get information on an emergency? 2017-11-04T19:54:39+00:00

To receive register for notifications and receive Emergency Alerts, commonly referred to as a reverse-911, click here for the Web site of the Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority.

To follow unfolding emergency events in Loveland, click here for the City of Loveland’s Emergency Communication links.

Leta 911 Banner - Click to Subscribe to Emergency Notifications

What fire department activities are going on in my area? 2017-10-29T09:09:49+00:00

Stay connected with LFRA through social media:



Can a firefighter speak to our group/class? 2017-12-09T20:59:06+00:00

To request an educational presentation, please submit a request form by clicking here.

How can I have my fire extinguisher serviced? 2017-10-29T09:22:44+00:00

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority does not service, refill, or dispose of fire extinguishers.

If you have an extinguisher that needs to be serviced or re-filled, you will need to contact a qualified fire extinguisher technician, which you can find in the yellow pages or online by searching “fire extinguisher service”.  Fire extinguishers in commercial occupancies must be annually inspected, serviced, and properly tagged by a qualified fire extinguisher technician. 

Empty fire extinguishers can be dropped off for recycling at:

City of Loveland’s Recycling Center, 400 N. Wilson Ave. Loveland, CO. (970) 962-2529

Larimer County Landfill 5887 S Taft Hill Rd, Fort Collins, CO. (970) 498-5771

How do I install a child safety seat in my vehicle? 2017-12-09T12:51:37+00:00

Click here to be taken to Car Seat Resources on this Web site.

Be sure to utilize both the child safety seat’s manual and the vehicle’s manual when installing the car seat.  Most car seat manufacturers also have videos available on their websites to demonstrate how to properly install the various models of child safety seats.

To find installation information and installation videos, click here.

If you still need assistance, you can seek help to evaluate and correct installation issues. For a list of car seat installation resources in Larimer and Weld counties, click here.

LFRA has appointments available every other Monday from 10:30am to noon, by appointment only. Please submit a request by clicking here.

To find out if you are eligible for a low-cost car seat from Safe Kids Larimer County, visit or call (970) 495-7508.

What do I do if my child is curious about fire? 2017-12-09T21:06:38+00:00

It is normal for most children to have a mild interest in fire. Children exhibiting fireplay or firesetting behaviors may need education and intervention.  The Loveland Fire Rescue Authority has a youth firesetting intervention program to help families experiencing issues with child fireplay and firesetting issues.  For more information, please visit our Juvenile Fire-Setting Intervention page.

How can I submit a proposal to bid for business with LFRA? 2017-10-29T09:00:11+00:00

LFRA has partnered with BidNet as part of the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and will post their bid opportunities to this site. As a vendor, you can register with the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System to see all current bids and opportunities. To receive automatic notification of future bid opportunities that match your company’s business, you can select automatic bid notification. 

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority looks forward to providing you with more bid information and simplifying the entire bid, proposal, and quote processes for everyone involved. We appreciate your cooperation and welcome your participation. If you need help registering, please call the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System support department toll free at 1-800-835-4603.