As of July 24, 2018, these fire restrictions have been lifted. No restrictions are currently in effect.



Level 1 fire restrictions have been implemented in unincorporated Larimer County.

This includes a restriction on open fires, contained open fires, incendiary devices, the use of fireworks and/or public firework displays in unincorporated Larimer County.

The term “open fires” does NOT include:

  • Fires in camp stoves or grills fueled by bottled gas
  • Fires in permanently construction stationary masonry or metal fireplaces designed specifically for the purpose of combustion
  •  Wood or charcoal cooking grills, on a non-combustible surface of at least 10 feet in diameter
  • Smoking in a vehicle, building, recreation site, or area that is at least three feet cleared of all flammable material.
  • Fire in curtain burners
  • Fires used by firefighters to stop or contain wildland fires

The term “fireworks” does NOT include:

  • Toy caps
  • Highway flares, railroad fuses, emergency distress signal devises, smoke candles
  • Educational/toy model rockets
  • Fireworks used for testing or researched by a licensed explosives lab

The term “incendiary device” includes:

  • Any object that is combustible or flammable, and explodes or is designed to start a fire
  • Sky lanterns
  • Exploding ammunition
  • Exploding targets
  • Tracer ammunition

For More Information

Click here to download the Resolution Declaring Fire Restrictions in Larimer County.

Click here to download the Fire Restrictions Guidelines.