Fire Watch Information

Here is information business owners can use if a fire watch is required by the Fire Code because an automatic fire-protection system, such as a fire sprinkler or fire alarm system, is not operational. Performing a fire watch allows the building to remain occupied while the system is awaiting repair.

A fire watch is the action of an on-site person whose only duty is to watch for the occurrence of fire and, if a fire does occur, immediately report it to LFRA by calling 9-1-1. Signs of fire include visible smoke, flames, burning or smoke odor, odor of natural gas, etc.

LFRA firefighters or Community Safety Division personnel work directly with the building or business owner to assist the owner in setting up and performing the fire watch.

Please click here to learn more. If you need further assistance, during normal business hours, contact the Community Safety Division at (970) 962-2497. On evenings or weekends, contact the on-duty Battalion Chief at (970) 593-2066.