This Fire Code Development Guide provides assistance in the application of the locally adopted 2018 International Fire Code, LFRA policies and best practices for design of property development, to licensed design professionals, contractors and business owners. Applying the 2018 IFC and local amendments ensures our requirements are clear, consistent and safe.

The guide is organized with general permitting and fee information at the beginning, then moves to site-design requirements (fire apparatus access, firefighting water supply and addressing, followed by more specific requirements related to fixed fire protection, hazardous materials, key boxes, radio amplification, vehicle impact protection and cell-facility battery storage. Once the site plan, Construction Drawings and Public Improvement Construction Plans are approved, projects move on to the building permit process and fire-protection system permitting process.

This guide represents the most commonly asked development questions; it does not create or replace code provisions. Readers are cautioned that the information detailed in this guide may or may not apply to their specific situation, and that LFRA, as the Authority Having Jurisdiction, retains final authority to determine compliance.

Download the Fire Code Development Guide

Click here to download the Fire Code Development Guide. (3.6 MB)