Out of Service Fire Hydrant

This information and document is only for the use of water districts serving Loveland Fire Rescue Authority.

Water district personnel, please complete this Hydrant Out of Service form prior to a hydrant being taken out of service for damage, repair, maintenance or other reasons, and email it to LFRAPrePlan@LFRA.org (this email address is also provided on the document).

If you know in advance when the hydrant will be placed back in service – such as, that same day or the following day – you may include that on the “Hydrant back in service” line, and LFRA will track this information. If a hydrant will be out of service for an extended time, please complete a new document with “Hydrant is back in service” information when it is back in service and email it to LFRAPrePlan@LFRA.org.

Be sure that all out-of-service hydrants are bagged, as well.

It is the intent that using this “Hydrant In/Out of Service” document will help firefighters be aware of unavailable water supplies.

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