2018 IFC and NFPA Standards

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority is enforcing the 2018 International Fire Code within its three governmental jurisdictions: the City of Loveland, Town of Johnstown and unincorporated Larimer County. In addition to applying the 2018 IFC during existing-building inspections, LFRA will also use the updated code and amendments, as well as the most current edition of NFPA standards, for reviewing submitted plans for issuance of construction permits.

In the Town of Johnstown, the 2018 I-Codes went into effect Feb. 1, 2020, and in the unincorporated areas of Larimer County, the 2018 IFC went into effect May 5, 2020. The City of Loveland remains under the 2012 I-Codes. However, the Loveland Building Division is accepting plans designed under the 2018 I-Codes, including the 2018 International Fire Code, because City Council meetings have been limited due to COVID-19. Designers using the 2018 IFC for projects in the City of Loveland should follow the local amendments that were approved and ratified in Larimer County and the Town of Johnstown, as these amendments were approved by the LFRA Board of Directors, and it also allows for designers to have consistent requirements throughout LFRA.

Check back on the LFRA website for updates.



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