Inspections & Safety Visits

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority performs inspections and Fire Safety Visits at all businesses in the LFRA jurisdiction. These visits can either be “drop in” or scheduled in advance, depending on the size of the business or building, and the availability of business employees or owners.

There are many goals for these Safety Visits. The priority is to make sure the building is safe for the owners, employees and customers. Fire personnel also become more familiar with the layout of the building and any fire protection systems that are in place. Firefighters also are able to answer questions about fire safety plans – at both the business and in the home – and can assist owners in emergency planning and continuity of operations.

Fire inspectors want to make sure exiting is safe and compliant with the International Fire Code; that fire protection systems have been inspected at designated intervals and are in working order; that electrical equipment is in good repair; and that the property address is visible and the site is accessible by emergency vehicles.

If your business needs an Inspection/Safety Visit, please contact the Community Safety Division at (970) 962-2497.

Preparing for Your Business Inspection

LFRA has developed a list of deficiencies commonly found during our inspections in order to help you ensure your building is as safe as possible. You can find this list by clicking on the link below.

Common Inspection Deficiencies

Fire Protection System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM)

All fire protection systems in Loveland Fire Rescue Authority are required by the fire code and national fire protection standards to be inspected, tested and maintained at regular, specific intervals (this is referred to as “ITM,” for inspection, testing and maintenance). The purpose of these inspections is to ensure the systems will operate properly in the event of an incident, which minimizes the risk of life and property loss.

LFRA has contracted with Brycer LLC to help manage the fire protection systems’ ITM program. All contractors who perform ITM services are required to digitally submit all compliant and non-compliant system reports to LFRA via the Brycer website,

Fire protection systems tracked by LFRA include the following:

  • Automatic fire sprinkler (wet and dry)
  • Emergency generator
  • Emergency responder radio coverage
  • Fire alarm
  • Fire pump
  • Spray booth
  • Kitchen hood suppression
  • Special suppression
  • Clean agent fire suppression
  • Active smoke control system
  • Automatic closing fire assemblies
  • 5-year sprinkler
  • Standpipe

Inspecting contractors are required to submit test results on behalf of their customers to LFRA. Contractors can register with Brycer by calling (630) 413-9511 or emailing

Contractors must be licensed with LFRA for the system they are inspecting. The current list of licensed contractors, as well as an application to become licensed with LFRA, can be found here: