Knox-Box Key Updates

The International Fire Code requires a secure key box (“Knox Box”) where access to a structure or area is restricted because of secured openings, or where immediate access is necessary for life-saving or firefighting purposes. Typically, all buildings with fire sprinkler or fire alarm systems install a Knox Box.

Knox Boxes need to have accurate keys, key fobs or other remoteless entry devices in order to be useful. It doesn’t do any good to have a key that won’t open doors.

If your building has a Knox Box and you’ve changed or added keys, contact LFRA’s Community Safety Division at 970-962-2537 and we will schedule a time for personnel to meet you on site and put the new key in the Knox Box. (Since LFRA is the only one with a key to the Knox Boxes in the LFRA jurisdiction, we’re the ones who have to open the Knox Box.)

Also, we can make sure the contact list in the Knox Box is accurate. We put a form in the Knox Box that lists people to contact and their phone numbers, so firefighters know whom to contact if they respond to the business after hours.