Beginning March 15, 2024, Loveland Fire Rescue Authority (LFRA) will begin assessing a fee to review and issue building permits and inspect associated construction within the City of Loveland. LFRA will also assess a fee to review and approve Planning projects. These fees were approved by the LFRA Board of Directors.

LFRA provides services – including emergency response, Fire Code enforcement and development permits – in not only the City of Loveland, but also parts unincorporated Larimer County and the Town of Johnstown.

LFRA has charged building permit fees for construction in unincorporated Larimer County and Johnstown since before the organization was formed in 2012. The intent was always to implement a building permit fee for City of Loveland projects, but this hasn’t happened until now.

The following FAQs provide additional information:

Why are we charging this fee now?

  • It establishes consistency and parity between unincorporated Larimer County, Johnstown and the City of Loveland for development permits and inspections.
  • LFRA is a fire authority, which means the fire department is not a city department – it extends beyond city limits into unincorporated Larimer County and Johnstown. As such, it is a separate organization, independent of the City of Loveland.
  • The intent was to charge building permit and Planning project fees shortly after forming the combined city-rural fire department but hasn’t happened until now.

What are the changes?

  • The building permit fee will be based on the valuation of the construction project, based on valuation assigned from data from the International Code Council. (This is the valuation benchmark used by most governmental jurisdictions).
  • These fees are the same LFRA has been charging for permits in Larimer County and Johnstown.
  • The Planning fees are based on the type of project under review. For residential projects, it will be based on size of the development (number of lots).

How will it work?

  • Building Permit: Applicants will pay the LFRA fee at City Development Services when they pay for and obtain their City building permit.
  • Planning projects: When applying for the project at City Planning, applicants will pay directly at the LFRA Community Safety Office (second floor, Development Services Building, 410 E. 5th)

Why will fees be charged beginning March 15, instead of January 1?

  • Delaying the assessment will allow applicants to plan for the additional cost.
  • Any Planning projects or building plans already submitted to the City prior to March 15 will not be charged.

Do applicants in the City of Loveland, Johnstown and Larimer County pay the same fee rate?

  • Yes, the fee rate is the same for projects in the three local governments.
  • Click here for the full consolidated fee schedule.